20 years

A note from our chief executive officer

Dear customer,

With 2018 comes Futurplast Extrusions' 20th anniversary. Your continued support along with our employees' commitment have enabled Futurplast to be placed alongside industry leaders in the manufacturing of acrylic rods and profiles as well as acrylic and polycarbonate tubes.

Futurplast began in 1998 with five extruders, and we now operate fifteen extrusion lines. This increased production capacity has allowed us to greatly reduce lead time on all custom orders. Furthermore, it has permitted us to build an extensive inventory level in both acrylic and polycarbonate products in order to satisfy the ever growing need for a "just in time delivery". This is especially important with the advent of internet sales from our distributors. With the opening of warehouses from coast to coast, Futurplast has been able to service both eastern, central and western customers with a turn-around time of twenty-four hours. The Futurplast goal is to have product available to all our customers where ever and whenever they need it. Whether it is one box or multiple pallets, Futurplast can fulfill your order without delays.

The Futurplast line of acrylic is much more than just clear acrylic rods and tubes; it encompasses popular transparent colors as well as a complete line of fluorescent, opaque and metallic colors. Magenta, gold, glass green, and ivory are but some of the less traditional colors that are readily available in various sizes of rods and tubes.

Instrumental to the success of Futurplast has been the development of larger sizes of extruded acrylic rods and tubes. Not only does Futurplast extrude larger diameters, but we stock them. Be it a 3" diameter acrylic rod or a 14" diameter acrylic tube, all larger sizes are stocked in one of our convenient warehouses.

What began as a modest demand for lighting white acrylic tubes has developed into an extensive line of translucent white and frosted tubes! Our larger diameters in acrylic tubes are popular with plastic distributors that cater to the lighting industry, while our smaller tubes, such as the 3/4" diameter #2447 whites, are perfect for LED applications.

To complement its acrylic line, Futurplast invested heavily in the development of extruded polycarbonate tubes. Proudly, we manufacture and stock polycarbonate tubes as small as ¼" diameter all the way up to and including 14" diameter. Our polycarbonate tubes are all UV stabilized. Not only do we offer the familiar 1/16" and 1/8" walls, but we stock a complete line of heavier walls as well. Looking for one piece of a 10" diameter with a ¼" wall in polycarbonate; look no further, Futurplast has it in stock and ready to ship.

Customer service, product quality, resource conservation, and recycling are all matters of great importance for Futurplast. Without the continued support of all our customers, suppliers and employees, Futurplast could not have achieved its goal of becoming a leader in its industry. As we prepare for the next twenty years, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your encouragement over the last twenty years. We could not have done it without you.

Most sincerely,

Eliot Sorella
Chief Executive Officer