Customer Service

Futurplast is a customer-driven company. It is our belief that exceptional customer service is critical to our continued success.

As a result, our focus is on ensuring that doing business with Futurplast is pleasant, courteous, and professional.

The following are just some of the systems that we at Futurplast have implemented in an effort to provide our customers with the excellent support and service they deserve.

  • We have developed custom-made, state-of-the-art costing software to ensure timely quotes.
  • We have developed a user-friendly pricing catalog for the over 1500 products we keep in stock.
  • We ship most stock orders within 24 hours.
  • We have implemented a no-cost communication policy for all our customers, including toll-free phone and fax numbers, as well as high-speed internet and email access.
  • We make 12" samples for most of our products available to our customers. See our sample policy.
  • We are opening distribution centers throughout the United States and Canada to make deliveries more efficiently and at a lower cost to our customers. Futurplast ships its products daily from its 8 distribution centers.
  • We have developed and implemented a password-protected pricing page on our website, which is available only to Futurplast’s distributor customers. This ensures that our customers always have access to the most recent pricing and packaging information.
  • We track inventory information so that we may ensure timely inventory replenishment in all of our distribution centers.
  • We have changed our packaging to smaller sizes to minimize the amount of product customers have to buy while making it more user-friendly.

Our customer service and technical support staff has extensive knowledge of plastic materials and the engineering of plastic products. They can help you examine your specific needs and select the right product(s) for your requirements. Our customer service department is always evolving, and our staff is always trying to improve customer satisfaction.

Futurplast promises to provide unsurpassed customer service.

Please contact our customer service technicians