Terms and conditions

General policies and charges

  • Minimum purchase order value: $750.00 (a $30.00 small order charge is added to orders under $750.00 in value.)
  • Standard lengths: acrylic = 6 ft / polycarbonate = 8 ft
  • Samples are supplied free of charge when available. Shipping is at customer’s expense.
  • Generally, all orders from our distribution centers must be complete cases; however, broken case quantities are possible on some items shipped from Montreal. A 100% broken case charge is added to broken case orders.
  • Although most standard products are generally in stock, Futurplast does not guarantee or assert that all products are in stock at any location at any given time.
  • Third party shipping (drop shipment) is possible on all orders for an added charge of $10.00/order.
  • Should the purchaser or its representative decide to cancel an order before shipping, then a cancellation fee of $50.00 minimum applies if the order has been confirmed. Higher charges may apply depending on the size of the order.
  • All prices and charges are in US funds.
  • A "repack fee" of $15.00/repack box applies to orders where extra packaging (double boxing) is required, either to prevent damage or to consolidate for shipping.
  • A pallet charge of $45.00 is added to all orders under $3500.00 if a pallet is required for shipping.

Futurplast terms and conditions of sale

All purchase orders are received and accepted by Futurplast Extrusions in Montreal, QC, Canada under the following terms and conditions:

  • Strictly no product returns will be accepted if the product has been converted in any way, shape or form, or if any substance has been applied to it.
  • No returns will be accepted without a return authorization number issued by Futurplast Extrusions, and all returns must be shipped to the Montreal warehouse, with freight and customs prepaid.
  • Any notification of shortages, defective or incorrect product must be filed in writing within 10 days of receipt; otherwise, Futurplast Extrusions may, at its discretion, refuse any claim.
  • Should the purchaser wish to return part or all of an order, Futurplast may agree to accept the returned product provided that:
    • Purchaser receives a written return authorization from Futurplast.
    • Product to be returned is a stock item and not a custom made product.
    • Product has not been converted in any way, shape or form and no chemicals have been applied.
    • Product is in its original packaging and in complete cases.
    • Product will be returned freight and customs prepaid to the Futurplast Montreal Distribution Center and at purchaser’s risk.
    • A re-stocking fee of 35% applies with a minimum of $35.00.
  • All additions to any orders will be treated as separate orders by Futurplast.
  • The purchaser and/or its representative agrees that the terms and conditions set forth in this purchase order confirmation supersedes any purchaser terms and conditions that may accompany this or any other purchase order.
  • It is agreed that Futurplast will be held free and harmless from any claim resulting from any sales transaction and that Futurplast’s responsibility is limited only to the cost of the merchandise being shipped.
  • Futurplast will not be responsible for any damages or loss in transit of any shipment that is freight collect and/or whereby the purchaser requests a specific carrier. If a loss results, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to file the appropriate claim with the carrier.
  • If an order is shipped from more than one distribution center, then Futurplast considers each shipping point as a separate order and subject to the $750.00 minimum.
  • All orders must be confirmed in writing.

*** Note: Acceptance of these conditions will be implied unless written refusal of any condition(s) is received prior to the shipping of the order.