Products in stock

Thanks to the extensive warehouse inventory in our distribution centers, Futurplast is able to supply its customers with products, usually from current inventory. Whether it’s tubes, rods, or profiles, we carry them all. And because we carry such a huge inventory, most orders can be processed and shipped within 24 hours.

Acrylic line

Futurplast extrudes acrylic rods, tubes, pipes, and profiles in Clear, Transparent colours, Opaque colours, Florescent colours, Metallic colours, Frosted “p95” style (sandblasted look), White frosted (sandblasted look)

Polycarbonate line

Futurplast extrudes polycarbonate tubes.

Other resins

Futurplast also extrudes rods, tubes, pipes, and custom profiles in the following resins upon request: Styrene - PVC flexible - PVC rigid - LDPE - HDPE - polypro - nylon - PETG.